New in Kazan

Purchase of new buildings at the initial stage of construction – it is not only an opportunity to save on the price difference at the completion of construction of the house, but also a chance to become the owner of the new housing that meets all the requirements of modern stroitelstva. Zaklyuchennye agreement with developers, allow us to sell the buildings in Kazan at the prices developers. Constantly working with contractors and real estate investors, open to us and our customers even better prices for new housing. Maintenance of mortgage transactions in conjunction with the major banks, such as the “Savings Bank”, “VTB”, “Absolut Bank”, “Spurt-Bank” and others give our customers the most favorable conditions for mortgage programmam.V our real estate agency you can quickly and profitable to sell any property in Kazan, to exchange their homes in the new building, and using the money capital of the parent or mortgage money to improve their living usloviya.V company experienced realtors, who on a regular basis are trained, both in companies and in higher schools Kazani. Novostroyki Kazan sold by our employees on a mandatory basis is photographed and recorded in various online databases, besides all the new apartments are offered to our regular customers and partners, which greatly speeds up the process of selling kvartiry. Pokupaya apartment in new building, our customers can save between 15 to 30% of market value after the date of the house. Hire purchase and mortgages at low interest. Our agency sells only proven developers such as Unistroy, Wallpaper, Arcade, Art, Story and many others. The site was created directory “New Kazan” with photos, layouts, and is also available database of apartments, where you can find out the price, pick up a new building and second homes in Kazan and Tatarstan, and send zayavku. Sotrudnichaya with companies in the professional design and repair services can offer as prices and save on repairs due to the volume of construction materials. The market buildings are also options to fine finish such as Residential Complex Rainbow in the locality Aspen.


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